Postnatal Support

Motherless Mothers:

As a motherless mother myself, I have been running free support sessions for those in the same boat for a few years now. Meeting up with other new mothers (and fathers!) going through the same thing as you can be REALLY helpful as you grieve for your parent during your own parenting journey. The informal sessions offer you a safe space to share your story. You will learn practical tips and coping strategies from other parents, and feel comforted and less alone in your sadness. Great friendships come out of these sessions! If you would like to know more please call me for an informal chat: 00447908666204

If you are not local but would like to attend a Motherless Mothers group then why not set one up yourself in your area?

  1. Post on your local social media parenting site asking if anyone in the same boat would like to meet up.
  2. Arrange a venue, date and time. (If there is room in your home just invite people over – everyone will feel more relaxed around a kitchen table or in a living room.)
  3. Ask everyone to bring something yummy to share.
  4. One the day, welcome everyone in, and once everyone has a cup of tea and something to nibble, go around the group asking each individual to explain their situation and why they decided to come along.
  5. The discussion should open up organically from there. Have tissues ready for it will be emotional. Usually after one person has been brave enough to open up, everyone else follows and shares their stories and coping strategies.
  6. Consider setting up a whatssapp group or Facebook group so that you can all stay in touch.

Good luck!! x X x