Doula Services

 Unknown-1I am a mentored birth and postnatal doula. A doula is a professional who is trained in childbirth, and provides continuous support to a mother before, during, and after birth. A doula’s role is to ‘mother the mother’ by supporting and nurturing her throughout her pregnancy, birth and the often quite overwhelming early days of motherhood.

The word ‘doula’ means ‘woman who serves’.

As your birth and/or postnatal doula you can be sure that I will be completely committed to, and full of love for, you and your baby. I will also support and reassure your partner, and work in partnership with your midwives.

I offer the following packages:

Birth Package


This includes:

  • 2 x antenatal visits – we will discuss your wishes for the birth and make a plan of how best to implement them
  • Being on call for you from 38 weeks – I will be ready to drop everything and come to you when you need me
  • Attending your birth – I will stay with you throughout your birth supporting you practically, physically, emotionally and mentally – by helping you and your partner make decisions
  • Full write up of your birth story
  • 2 x postnatal visits – I will help you in any way I can as you get to know your baby and signpost you to further support if needed
  • Unlimited phone/text/email communication throughout

(£400 is payable upon booking, and the remaining £400 will be due on the first day of the on-call period)

“Thank you for your amazing support yesterday, you were incredible and a massive help to me throughout. I couldn’t have done it without you.”  Vicky, mum to baby Violet.

“Thank you so very much for all your guidance, support, kind words, massage and food during our labour! We could not have done it without you and will be forever grateful for having you with us on the best day of our lives.” Lavinia, mum to baby Archie. 

“We feel so blessed and lucky beyond belief that we got to have you as our doula. We wholeheartedly couldn’t have coped with Otto’s birth without you.” Frankie, mum to baby Otto. 

Postnatal Package:

As your postnatal doula I will do any of the following to help you as you recover from the birth and adapt to your new normal:

  • Debrief your birth
  • Listen to you
  • Support feeding (breast or bottle)
  • Help you to make informed choices by providing you with evidence based information
  • Lend books/direct you to relevant articles/information etc
  • Teach you how to massage your baby (I am a trained IAIM baby massage instructor)
  • Help you create a support network
  • Take care of your baby while you sleep/shower
  • Make meals for you
  • ‘Manage’ tricky visitors (!)
  • Laundry
  • Dishwasher
  • Tidying up
  • Change bedding
  • Hoovering
  • Ironing
  • School/nursery run
  • Food shopping/errands
  • Dog walking
  • Help with older children’s homework
  • Anything else that needs doing

(I offer two hourly sessions from 9am – 11am weekdays, and charge £30 per hour.)

If you would like to meet for a relaxed chat to see if we could be a good fit, please email me ( or call or text me on 07908666204 to arrange a meeting.

Dear Mama,

You’re an amazing mother. I already know this. And by the time you’re ready to give birth, I’ll know even more; what makes you laugh, what makes you sad, what makes you worry and what soothes you. With anticipation in my belly, I’ll sleep with my phone next to my pillow every night. When you’re unsure or nervous, we will chatter. I will constantly reassure you. You’ll occupy a large part of my heart and mind, every day. And when it’s finally time to meet your baby, I’ll drop everything and come to you, and be yours. When you feel frightened – I will calm you. When you feel confused – we will untangle your thoughts together. I’ll help you and your partner make decisions when the unexpected happens. I’ll massage you. I’ll befriend and support your midwife. I will love and nurture your partner just as much as I will love and nurture you. I’ll feed them, and hug them, and remind them of what helps you the most. And when you’re overwhelmed, we shall both hold you in our arms so that you feel totally safe, whatever is happening. When your baby is born I will take photographs and videos and cry along with you. I will be blown away and in complete awe of your power, strength and courage. I will wash you down and clean you up. I’ll change your bedding and tuck you in. I’ll snuggle your precious babe as close to your heart as is physically possible, and make sure that the three of you have all the alone time you need by taking care of everything so that you don’t have to. And when I’m satisfied that you’re all as comfortable as you can be, I’ll go home to my own family; elated and euphoric, exhausted and aching – but fizzing too much for sleep. I’ll hold my own children a little closer and silently thank you for reminding me of the miracle of life. Then I’ll come back and sit with you while you do or say whatever you need to do or say. I’ll feed you. I’ll help you make decisions. I’ll empower you by reminding you of how strong and capable you are. I’ll stroke your hair and kiss your face and hug you. (A lot.) I’ll laugh and cry with you. And I’ll find it hard to leave. Because, sweetpea, I will have fallen for you. Forever and always.
With love from your Doula XxX