Antenatal Classes

I am fascinated by pregnancy, have always been mad about babies, and love every moment of working with couples at this incredibly special and unforgettable stage in their lives. Passionate about informed choice, I will ensure that however you hope to give birth to your baby, however you plan to feed your baby and however you want to raise your baby, you will leave my classes feeling fully informed about your options and choices, much more confident about the future, and really excited about becoming a parent.

Classes are clearly structured and packed full of evidence based information and practical activities, whilst being very relaxed, informal and fun. Each course consists of seven sessions, including two ‘women only’ sessions and a session just for birth partners. You will receive emails and relevant links and handouts after each class, and complimentary notes the end of the course, so no need for pen and paper! Each and every course is completely tailored to the needs of those attending it.  However each course always covers:

Your amazing pregnant body / What to expect at the end of pregnancy / How to choose where to give birth / How to write a birth plan (when you can’t plan birth) / Creating the best birth environment for yourself / When to go to hospital / The three stages of labour / Hormones and how they help / Coping with contractions / Breathing / Massage / Great positions for labour / Pain relief options / Caesarean birth / Assisted deliveries / Your newborn / Skin to Skin; why and when? / Coping in the postnatal ward / Breastfeeding / Bottle-feeding / How to make the early days wonderful / Your postnatal body / Looking after yourself / The fourth trimester and Routines / Sleeping; Where? When? How much? / Coping with sleep deprivation / Soothing your baby / Practical baby care (nappy changing and bathing) / Your new life as a mum / The adjustment to parenthood / Protecting your relationship / How to be a rockstar birth partner / Postnatal depression / Making the most of your maternity leave / Building a support network, and LOTS more. 

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