The idea behind this game is simple. You work as a team to reduce your plastic use every day.  (Your team could be your family or your work/house mates) .  Everyone’s individual efforts count because every action earns points, and the more points you get the better the prize!

Firstly – motivate yourselves. Discuss some cool prizes, – the ideas below might sound lame to you so write down your ideal rewards as a group.

Then simply click on the PDF below and print out your chart so that you can keep track of your points with tallies over the next four weeks:

Fantastic No Plastic Game


16,000 points = trip to the cinema and dinner

14,000 points = trip to the cinema

12,000 points = dinner in a favourite restaurant

10,000 points = family movie night/game night at home in pjs / finish work early

8,000 points = go out for desert

6,000 points = sweets to share

4,000 points = high fives

If you are a competitive group then the person who gets the most points is the ultimate winner and should get something totally awesome. 

Well done, heroes and sheros.






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